We want to share all our knowledge and experience, but most of all, we want to present this instrument the way we see it.


The harp is often associated with courtly or angelic surroundings, and is thus perceived as inaccessible, too sophisticated, and inextricably linked with classical music.

We know, however, that it offers many more possibilities.

It can be used to play almost any kind of music: jazz, folk, blues, pop, rock or can be used in music therapy.

At the same time, it remains a graceful instrument to learn – its beautiful sound gives much satisfaction and motivation for further development from the very beginning.


We would like the harp to be accessible to everyone.

That is why My Harp is not only a professional shop for harpists but also a rental shop, assistance in finding a teacher, guides, holiday courses as well as meetings during exhibitions, competitions and festivals. Spending time together, exchanging ideas and sharing opinions is something that motivates us to continue our work.

We hope that thanks to this, more and more people will reach for the harp, and that its new, contemporary image will be established.

We would like everyone to be able and willing to put their signature to ‘I love my harp’./to say „I love my harp”


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